Skill Experience:

Typescript/Javascript (NodeJS, ReactJS, jQuery), PHP, Python, Golang, Java, C,
MongoDB, MySQL,
Full Stack Web/Android/Devops Development, Linux Administration

Personal projects:


An SMS interfaces for the internet. Project code is hosted here: Offnet Server, Offnet Android App

Website Sentiment Extractor

A library written in Golang that scrapes a given webpage and extract the sentiment of all the named entities.

Hydrate and chill

A website that allows you to find a word that matches the number of times you wish to hydrate during a given movie.

CBT Android

A powerful android application that helps you rethink negative thoughts. View code.


Blogging/CMS software written in ReactJS using NextJS and Mongodb on the backend. View code, Live Demo


A simple open source vanilla JS quiz application I built to study Chinese. It converts a CSV to a multi-choice question quiz. View code.


A collection of information and blogs. Making use of the BlogNow platform.